Saturday, 18 April 2009

What's this blog about?

Manchestermassages is simply a personal review site for the various massage therapists and spas I've been to in the Manchester area over the years. It's intended to be a little resource for people looking to find a really good massage in Manchester, whether as part of a day out from the world, luxuriating in a spa, or just as a one-off massage session to iron out some tired muscles.
My benchmark massage experience is always, unless a miracle occurs, going to be Jutika at Manchester Buddhist Centre's Bodywise. I've been going to Jutika when the world (and my back pain) get too much (and budgets allow) for around ten years now and she's never let me down. She also taught the introductory massage course at Bodywise which I attended about 10 years ago, which not only gave me some basic massage skills which various friends and lovers have benefited from over the years but also taught me something about how to appreciate a good massage – what techniques to look out for, and how to ask for a better experience.
So she's the subject of my first review.
Otherwise, anyone with comments, other massage experiences, links and tips, information on spa and massage courses, guides or directories or anything else they want to add is very welcome to use the comments function (as are any massage providers wishing to invite me for complementary treatments in return for impartial and unbiased reviews!!)

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