Saturday, 18 April 2009

Manchester School of Massage, Whalley Range, June 2004?

I'm not sure how I arrived here. I think Jutika was away for the summer and I was desperate for a good kneading of my shoulders muscles. I think I was also skint and horrified by the price of the various city centre spa-type-places, and I found the Manchester School of Massage. It was cheap and close to home, did courses (which suggested to me that they should know what they're doing) and offered a bewildering array of different massages.
The Manchester School of Massage building itself was a little unprepossessing – an inter-war suburban house. Inside, the hallway-turned-waiting-area was a bit dingy and the absence of much in the way of a reception meant I wasn't sure where to wait or who I should be talking to, or indeed who was going to be actually performing my treatment.
I don't remember the name of the therapist I ended up seeing. She was capable, if rather the brusque. I think I'd booked something like a Thai massage, which sounded relaxing from the description on the website, but was firmly informed that from the questions she's asked me a sports massage was more appropriate. Far be it from me to disagree! The massage room itself, as I remember it was a fair-sized suburban living room, which meant that it was a bit big and draughty.
All in all, this was a very reasonably-priced and capable therapeutic experience, but with none of the pleasant or relaxing environment or interactions which make a massage a physically enjoyable and psychologically useful exercise. Looking at their current website, the prices are still some of the most reasonable I've seen in the city.
Contact: Manchester School of Massage, 77 Russell Rd, Manchester, M16 8AR; 0161 881 7171 or 0161 881 3863 or 0845 4582302 or 0845 4582303; dfranks[at] or lucy.j1[at]

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